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Extender Complete OS Install

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Extender Complete OS Install

Is there a boot disk for PC Extender to load ONLY the Extender OS onto a typical Windows 7 capable box?

If so how do I get it?

If not, is there a tutorial explaining how to remove the Windows option from the OS selection screen?

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  • Yes, the option is called Suse Linux. If what you want is to have a Linux computer, PC Extender is based on Suse Linux, which you can download for novell.com

  • This sounds similar to what I'm interested in.  Instead of needing a viable Win7SP1 system to install the PC Extender on, the demo video (ref: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFzVtD4wOUw) mentioned it could be done as a bare metal install.  I assume this would involve some sort of boot disk or install disk I can run to install the bare SUSE Linux client and PC Extender, enabling me to install to a blank hard drive quicker than needing to install Win7 first.  If so, is there already a demo out there detailing how this is done?