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Install Fails

  • Install Fails

    I install the software per the Admin Guide, the PC reboots and asks if I am sure that I want to uninstall all of the components. I say no and reboot. I am never prompted to choose between my Win 7 installation or Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux.

  • I don't suppose you ever figured this out? We have the same issue. I get the feeling Windows 7 prevents something the installer wants to do with regards to the boot.ini. I see a modified boot.ini, a bunch of wyse files on the root directory, but it only boots to Windows. Thx for any ideas.

  • I did not find out. In fact, I gave up. My Dell/Wyse sales rep was supposed to get me in touch with an SE but that never materialized. Ended up using Stratodesk No Touch Desktop. Had a problem with a wireless NIC and Stratodesk recompiled their image with the drivers built in. Works flawlessly.

  • The Win 7 install is a bit different than the Win XP due to the boot loaders being different. Since I can't add an attachment, I'll post the KB I got from a Wyse SE...hope it helps:

    PC Extender installs successfully on Windows XP-based PC’s but not on Windows 7/Vista-based PC’s. The reason is that the installer is trying to modify the BOOT.INI file. Windows 7/Vista uses the Boot Configuration Datastore (BCD) instead. This document will show you how to modify the BCD for PC Extender.

    1. Open a command prompt. Make sure to run this as Administrator.
    2. Type bcdedit /create /d “Wyse PC Extender” /application BOOTSECTOR
    a. BCDEdit will return an alphanumeric identifier for this entry that will be referred to as {ID} in the remaining steps. You’ll need to replace {ID} by the actual returned identifier. An example of {ID} is {d7294d4e-9837-11de-99ac-f3f3a79e3e93}.
    b. You can name this whatever you like, “Wyse PC Extender” was chosen for this example.
    3. Type bcdedit /set {ID} device partition=c:
    a. This specifies where the PC Extender image resides.
    4. Type bcdedit /set {ID} path \UBNLDR.MBR
    a. This is the path to the linux loader file.
    5. Type bcdedit /displayorder {ID} /addlast
    a. This will create an entry to the displayed menu at boot time.
    6. Type bcdedit /timeout 30
    a. This will specify how long the menu choices will be diplayed. You can adjust this as needed.
    7. Reboot and you will be presented with menu where you can choose to boot to Windows 7 or PC Extender.
    8. If at any time you want to eliminate the PC Extender menu option simply delete the BCD store entry you created using the following command: bcdedit /delete {ID}

  • Keedf, thanks for the steps in BCDedit. However, step number 4 failes. The error is the "invalid element." Here's what I've done so far per the steps you gave:
    step 1: no problems
    step 2: no problems
    step 2a: I did get the an alphanumeric id returned
    step 2b: Renaming "this" not clear as to what "this" is referring to; so I did not rename anything
    step 3: typed the following command: "bcdedit /set {id returned in step 2 including the brackets} device partition=c:" Without quotes, of course, and that was successful
    step 4: typed the following command: "bcdedit /set {id returned in step 2 including the brackets} c:\UBNLDR.MBR" returned an error: "element data type specified is not recognized, or does not apply to the specified entry."

    Hopefully, you can see something I don't.

    Thank you in advance.

  • OK. I changed one thing in the command of step number 4. Instead of typing the path to the ubnldr.mbr I typed the word "path" and the worked. I was able to continue the rest of the script successfully.

    However, upon reboot, I choose Wyse from the boot options and it fails because the ubnldr.mbr file is missing or corrupt???

    Again, thanks in advance.


  • Hello All,
    I am the Dell Wyse Product manager for PC Extender. Sorry to hear you are having trouble installing PC Extender. What version of SUSE Linux for PC Extender are you using? Have you contacted a Wyse SE for help? We are releasing an updated version of PC Extender later this month and I have seen the beta code work finw with Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit).