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PCExtender and Wireless Functionality

PCExtender and Wireless Functionality

  • PCExtender and Wireless Functionality

    Interested in the product already as a desktop device repurpose avenue, but looking for experiences and help with the possible Wireless feature? Not having luck it, although I get an initial connection.

    Remembers wireless profile but not wireless itself. Using the initial installation and have completed no INI reads. I was working with INI reads and backed off to see if I could get the initial installation to work wirelessly.

    Not having any luck

  • While it might work, wireless is not supported on PCExtender.


    Roger Montalvo 
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  • Doc for PCE states Wireless is supported. Initial review with support stated only Atheros wireless card, but subsequently Intel Centrino - 'Intel Wireless chipset drivers are included in the PC Extender image'

    I have it working from a USB key install. Problem is this is not an enterprise friendly install option. Windows PCE install does allow the Wireless functionality to work upon initial startup of PCE, no longer on subsequent restarts. Dell/Wyse is reviewing.

  • Hey Mean LEKeen - did you ever get this figured out?  I have the same problem.  I have installed on an HP laptop, I get wireless but no wired connectivity on the first boot and then no connectivity after rebooting.