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Rich Sound not adequate in running this OS

Rich Sound not adequate in running this OS

  • Rich Sound not adequate in running this OS

    The sound coming out from our WYSE V10L WTOS 800 thin client is inaudible, sounds like it is in slow motion. The Wyse client is logged in using RDP to a VMWare Host EXSi 4.1 platform and the WYSE cleint is setup as a virtualized PC. Everything else work except the sound is unacceptable. I tried to install TCX Rich Sound Client and the TCX suite but that did not help. I noticed an error on the installation menu of the TCX suite-"Rich Sound not adequate in running in this OS". We installed windows 7 32bit OS on the virtual Client PC. According to the System Information in the Connect Manager, Memory Size=458752K and Free=319658K, How can I resolve this sound issue? I will apprecial all the help I can get.

  • Last i *** MMR/Richsound isnt supported on Windows 7 , could be wrong here

  • Did you ever get any reply with help with sound playback?

  • Rich sound is not supported for windows 7 OS

  • I cannot find an explanation of this new feature anywhere. The release notes has only this:

    TCX Suite takes the USB redirection feature to the next level by allowing users to select the interfaces on composite USB devices (for example, composite devices such as all-in-one printers—fax, printer and scanner). Users can select the interfaces they want to redirect to the remote desktop (such as just fax only, or fax and scanner, and so on). Along with this level of control, users will automatically obtain session level restrictions while working in a terminal server environment.

    Which isn't very clear. Does this new feature mean I can restrict redirected devices to one session? Is it only available when redirecting a single interface on a composite USB device? How do I set it up? What are the restrictions?

    Can anybody explain this feature or point me to some documentation on it?

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