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USB device visible to all

  • USB device visible to all


    We're using Wyse TCX for USB Virtualization with Windows Server 2008 R2 and XenApp 6.5. We connect a Wacom STU-520A signature tablet (the device) to the Wyse thin-clients.

    Although we only connect one device to each thin-client, all clients connected to the same server can see all devices in their session. How can we turn this off that a user in his session only sees the device connected to the thin-client he/she is using?

    As this issue is really important to us as we have more than 200 clients using a signature tablet I'd like to make sure that I got understood: The users should (within their session) only see the device attached to their thin-client. However, currently all devices of all clients connected to the server are available within each session. How can we configure Wyse TCX such that only the devices connected to the client (via USB) are available within the users session?

    Thanks in advance for any help on how we can solve this issue.


  • I could fix the problem.

    I had to set up a Session Level Restriction for this device.