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USB device not redirecting

  • USB device not redirecting

    I have a C10LE connecting to a Windows 7 Professional VM via RDP and TCX USB Virtualization Server software is installed on the Windows 7 VM.

    When I connect a USB drive, the log shows "TCX USB: Redirect device on port 1" when I connect to the VM and it is displayed properly as a USB drive. However, I am having problems with a Gemalto USB smart card reader which I'm trying to connect. The C10LE detects that this device is connected, but when I connect to the VM, I don't see any message saying that the device is being redirected.

    I get the following messages when plugging in the USB reader:
    USB: Found a new device "HID" on port 2
    USB: Found a new device "CCID reader" on port 2
    USB: Found a new device "CCID reader" on port 2

    Is there a standard procedure that can be followed to try and get untested devices working?

  • I am having a similar issue with a Gemalto smart card reader. The device is displayed within device manager but will not appear in the Gemalto Toolbox software. When using RDP, the card reader is brought through and displays in Toolbox without any issues.

    The device has been added in the TCX Configuration Suite.

    I would appreciate any help I can get with this.