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Windows 7 Image not Booting

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Windows 7 Image not Booting

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help.
We are struggling to be able to create a working Windows 7 image.
We have installed Windows and Office and as per the install guide and best practices turned off several memory hogging features of Windows such as the indexing, windows search.
We can create the new image successfully and it uploads to WSM and I can add it to the device group.

However when we boot the image we just get the Windows logo booting screen and it just stays there and does not boot.

Any ideas?


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  • I too, experienced this several times. My particular issue was that I wasn't booting into the streaming OS from the same Reference Device used to create the image. I've also had issues with using a USB Hdd as my hard drive for a diskless zero client and ended up just having to rebuild the OS and go through the capture process all over.

    What endpoint/reference device are you using?

  • See this thread for solution

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