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Image creation question

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    I have a concrete question regarding the creation of WSM images:

    After I've run the vDiskCapture and captured the image to server, the client requests a restart right? The question is; should the next boot be streamed from server or should it be local? I cannot find this in the WSM documentation, and I often get errors when the "PostCapture" process runs after the restart...

  • You should reboot to the local OS, it will then finish the capture and be ready for addition in the WSM UI.


  • Thanks, I'll try that on the image I'm creating now.

  • That worked 

  • Dear,

    I've test to create a reference image with separate page file and user profile option, but after the reboot of my reference device, i've got the following error "PostVDiskCapture ERROR Failed to format VDisk partition d:\ error 18, 0",

    i've test to reinstall all the solution, the OS... but already the same error.

    My config :

    Windows 2003 R2 - WSM 3.5
    Wyse R00L and Windows XP SP3 VL.

    Thanks in advance.


  • The only related error I've seen is with a non-English client OS, however I've never tried separate partitions yet.

  • I've seen this error before - and it was when I tried to separate the swap partition. There was no particular reason for me to do this, so I just skipped the extra partitions and it went well after that.

  • I will test this method on Friday, then i will update the post; i just want to test to separate the partition to test the installation of OfficeScan antivirus. Have you ever try to install officescan on wsm thin client?

    Thx. a lot.

  • I've never used antivirus on WSM clients in a production environment. We ran some tests with Sophos on a very small test environment. This seemed to work ok, but I've no idea how it would perform in production.

  • Max, it should work even with a swap partition. If you still encounter errors, please post the content of the file "C:\Program Files\Wyse\WSM\log\osmout.txt" to this thread. Also, what language is your Win XP OS? (English? Other?)