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WSM Client error on R00L

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    I just captured OS from my R00L Reference Device that was running Win7 Enterprise 32-bit off of a USB Hdd. No errors with the WSM Client pre-capture. However, when I boot this reference device into the Streamed OS, the WSM client has an error upon logging into Windows:

    This happened on my first attempt of capture from the R00L. I found I could not un-install the WSM client from within the streamed OS, so I re-attached the USB drive and loaded into Windows from there. I removed the client and re-installed. I re-captured the OS and deleted the old one from the WSM Server. I then made all of the assignments in WSM Server and setup streaming again and gives this same error.


    Excerpt from log file:
    02:33:07 - OSMClient
    02:33:07 - Domain Name: H
    02:33:07 - Computer Name: R
    02:33:07 - \\.\OSMSMDF CreateFile() - hDevice=00000180, last error=0
    02:33:07 - \\.\OSMSMDF DeviceIoControl() - success=1, bytes returned=76, last error=0
    02:33:07 - LsaOpenPolicy: 00000000
    02:33:07 - EncryptPassword padded account: [R00LR00LR00LR0]
    02:33:07 - EncryptPassword: clear=R00LR00LR00LR0, encrypt=jmbaokaigqhaxe
    02:33:07 - LsaStorePrivateData: 00000000
    02:33:07 - Sync OK

    02:33:07 - UpdateVdiskStatistics: this is a reboot so set m_bSendStats to TRUE and set BootSeconds and BootBytes in registry.
    02:33:07 - Got the port:6910 and IP: now sending the message
    02:33:07 - SendStatsToLoginServer: Latest client statistics sent to server!
    02:33:07 - m_status.dwControlsAccepted = SERVICE_ACCEPT_STOP
    02:33:07 - Current state is SERVICE_RUNNING.
    02:33:07 - report the status of service to SCM
    02:33:07 - check whether disk is provisioned
    02:33:07 - OSMClient: The VDisk Image serial number is not valid, cannot provision at this time.
    02:33:07 - OSMClient: argnImageSerialLen=-1
    02:33:07 - Provisioning Not Started: Serial number is bad.
    02:33:07 - Getting login server IP and port from the registry
    02:33:07 - Got the port:6910 and IP: now sending the message
    02:33:07 - Message sent, status=0, error=1002
    02:33:07 - waiting for shutdown event...

  • This error is related to the application streaming client single sign on feature.
    Most likely the user account that you have used for login on to the OS is not present in the WSM console. This happens for example if you login as local admin, but the OS image is joined to a domain and the WSM client is configured for AD integration (SSO).
    If the OS is joined to a domain, you can import the relevant user groups to the WSM console so the WSM application streaming client can authenticate the user to the WSM server and hence the user does not get any error anymore.

  • Perfect. I had noticed when logging in as domain user, rather than local user, this error would not display.

    Any thoughts as to why the domain trust relationship would fail after a reboot in the streaming OS?