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Site Configuration - HQ option disabled

Site Configuration - HQ option disabled

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Site Configuration - HQ option disabled

Hopefully this will be a quick one to answer, but I'm trying to convert this new Core Server I just installed to a Headquarters Site. However, this option is disabled; only Stand-Alone and Linked Site options are available. Did I miss something?

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  • Option is disabled if you use the built-in 30 day evaluation copy.
    Where did you get the WSM software from?

  • I used the link one of the sales engineers sent me. We have not purchased the software yet as we wanted to make sure our software and hardware worked. The fact this is a limitation due to not purchasing makes sense. Now why would Lev1 support not know this?

    I was really hoping to see the tiered site configs in action before purchase but I'll have to trust it works and is simple to setup.

  • Please contact your Sales Engineer and ask to get full WSM evaluation license.
    You do not need to re-install the system, just import the license file.

  • Thanks, that certainly took care of the issue.