Question OS not actually copying to LinkedSite but shows in WSM database

Successfully setup a LinkedSite over a WAN connection. Specifically, I used LogMeIn Hamachi VPN software to create a direct connection b/w the two servers. Communication appears to be working and I can make some settings changes from HQ which are replicated to the LinkedSite. For example, I captured an OS from HQ, assigned it to the Site Template to which the LinkedSite belongs and then pull up the WSM console from the LinkedSite. It displays all of the information I configured from HQ, including the OS that I want the LinkedSite to stream. From Overview page, it shows 2 OS being shared from LinkedSite. When I click on Operating Systems, the OS Image is listed. I can click on it and view details of it, which is exactly what I see from HQ. It even shows the server from LinkedSite that is streaming the OS. However, when I look in the StreamingDir, there are no files. Is this to be expected? I thought the actual file was supposed to copy down to the LinkedSite. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this and help resolve?