WSM 3.6 - WSM DHCP Proxy Service and MS DHCP Server installed on the same machine

Two parts to this post: 1) I've discovered a solution in regards to this that I wanted to share and 2) having an issue that I wanted to dicuss.

1 - According to page 13 of the Installation Guide, I have the option of manually configuring my existing DHCP server with the correct options to allow for PXE booting. Specifically, set options 03 Gateway, 06 IP Address of the DNS Server, and 60 Client Identifier. This is a Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise and my DHCP Server does NOT have an option 60 listed anywhere. So, I found this "old school" command prompt method to manually set this option with our desired value.

From Command Prompt, enter these commands: (things in parenthese are my comments)

>netsh (press enter)
>dhcp (press enter)
>server \\hostname (OR you can use your IP address with "server" command)
>add optiondef 60 PXEClient STRING 0 comment=option added for PXE support
>set optionvalue 60 STRING PXEClient
>show optionvalue all (this is just for verification purposes only)

2 - In my WSM Admin, Server Details page where I can see all the running services, I click on the entry for DHCP Proxy Service. In here, I can choose to change the default port for the DHCP Proxy Service from 67 to 4011. It seems that after a period of time (I haven't determined how much yet, but certainly has happened while writing this post) even if I have selected 4011, it will change back to port 67. Seen this before?