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Help building non-pxe boot floppy

Help building non-pxe boot floppy

  • Help building non-pxe boot floppy

    I am having trouble building a non-pxe boot floppy. The unzipped file I downloaded has a .flp extension. Can anyone provide instructions on creating a bootable floppy that correctly uses this file?

  • The .flp is only for VMware.
    If you want to create a non-pxe USB key, floppy or disk, WSMClientUtilities.exe include the tool.
    Instructions are in the product documentation.

  • Thanks very much for trying to solve these problems. I have scoured the internet for WSM info - a lot of marketing announcements, no technical help to be found. Hopfully when my Pilot-in-a -box comes(with maintenance agreement) I can get some help from Wyse technical support.

    Regarding non-pxe floppy creation, page 55 of the WSM V3.6 Installation Guide states - "To configure Wyse thin clients and X86-based PCs

    1. Use and 3rd partytool(such as dskimage) to program a 1.44mb floppy disk from the WSM non-pxe boot floppy image file.

    I have extracted secrmI13.bin from this downloaded file. I am unable to get it to execute on a bootable floppy.

    I was successfull in creating a bootable USB flash drive from the WSM Client Utilities, however the laptop I am trying to stream to(Compaq NX9010) does not support usb boot. The Client Utilities lead you to believe you can build the non-pxe boot image on the hard drive. When I try to do this is tells me it can't because there is an active partition.

    Any help here?

  • secrmI13.bin is the Bootloader and you cannot just execure it.
    To make a HDD bootable you can either connect the disk your pc, create a primary partition using diskmanager and then use teh WSM Bootstrap Utility to get the bootloader on that disk. Or you do a PXE-Boot on the Laptop, run disk manager from the streamed image, partition the disk as described, and then install and run WSM Bootstrap Utility.