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Wyse WSM 2.3 and multicast

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Wyse WSM 2.3 and multicast

Hi, i've heritated a project on Wyse WSM 2.3, we have a classroom with about 25 computers. I'm using an ESX with a 3gbit NIC teaming and load-balancing for the streaming. My computers take about 3min30 to boot. Between the ESX and the classroom, there is a Cisco Stackwise 3750g and the ESX and the Wyse server and the classrom are on the same VLAN.

Do you think this is a good performance ?

Also, multicast appeared to be enable but i can't find any wyse white paper about it therefore i don't realy now how it is configured.

Sorry about my english

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  • You should upgrade or reinstall your WSM to version 3.6.1(latest version) before thinking about multicast. It should improve performance, which from what you are reporting is not what I would call good.