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Linkspeed degraded when streaming image

Linkspeed degraded when streaming image

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Linkspeed degraded when streaming image

Dell Latitude E5510

This is the reference machine. I have 1 gbits when running from lokal disk, but when I boot on the image i created with it, on the same machine, the link speed goes down to 10mbit which is horrible.

The image had the newest network drivers when i captured it, and it works just fine locally. Same cable, same switch, everything exactly the same except for that I am streaming the image.

I also run a wyse R00L on the same solution, and it is streaming on 1 gbit. I dont get it.

I am attempting to make a new ref.image from the machine now with all windows updates installed, we'll see how that goes. First time ive encountered this.

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  • The only logical reason i can think of, is if the network adapter switches to 10 mbit during pxe boot. Ill check the bios and see if there is any new version of it available. Else these modles are useless.

    Edit: looks like the newest bios update is Rev 11 and the current one on the machine is 04, promising.

    Edit: no joy. Newest network drivers in the image, newest bios. No change.

  • Solved.

    Follow BSquareds steps to capture an image here, in detail. Get the newest driver for network from manufacturers website? (I had a dell, that does not mean i go to dell to get network drivers, but broadcom, as it is a broadcom adapter)

    Thread: "OS Streaming Problem(s)"
    Started by BSquared, 09-22-2011 05:44 PM