FYI, I just created a combined Win7 SP1 UK English OS Image for R and Z Class using Uniplat and WSM 4.0.1 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I think the key to this was the advice about the 100Mb system reserved partition. It definitely made a lot of difference with the Uniplat method but it also allowed a standard Z class image to be created smoothly. We have had trouble before creating the standard Z class image in that on the first private boot it would hang at the starting windows screen for up to an hour (I initially thought that it was a faulty NIC driver and gave up creating a Z class image). It was only recently that I left it at this point overnight and by the morning it had booted.

Now when using an integrated 100Mb partition the first boot of the standard Z image takes seconds.

Anyway as best I can tell we have a working dual device image. Many thanks.