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WSM Cruiser Mode ??

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WSM Cruiser Mode ??

Hi all,

Could someone please let me know how to activate WSM cruiser mode on a thin client device with 16GB Flash connected and receiving a streamed image from a running WSM Core Server ???


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  • Ahmed,

    A 16GB flash is generally not adequate enough to use Cruiser mode. This formula will help calculate the required disk space needed for Cruiser mode:
    Required disk space = (((OS + free space) + (offline apps User1) + (offline apps User2) + (offline apps UserN)) * 2) + 110MB

    So you can see that with a 16GB flash you would be limited to about a 6 to 7 GB OS image size maximum. This might work for Windows XP depending on your software requirements, but will definitely not for Windows 7.