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TFTP Timeout error

  • TFTP Timeout error

    Windows 2003 R2 32bit
    WSM Server 3.6.1

    There are two WSM server core locate in headoffice and edge server locate in branch office.When we connect through vpn from branch office to headoffice egde to core server, all services are running on both.

    Separate dhcp configured on both network, thin client take clinet ip and boot server ip from dhcp server but an error appear tftp timeout.

    When we run WSM Core and Edge on headoffice its working fine Image streamed on thinclient.

    can anyone suggest me.

    Thanks in advance

  • Here are a couple things to check at the remote location where the clients are not working:
    1 - Make sure that DHCP option tag 66 and 67 are correct and pointing to the WSM server and the vldrmi13.bin file respectively
    2 - Make sure that the WSM TFTP service shows as up in the WSM Admin UI. You may want to go ahead and restart the WSM Administration Web service just to be sure as the TFTP service is wrapped inside this service
    3 - If you are running your DHCP server on the same server as WSM, you will need to either disable the WSM DHCP Proxy service (which it appears that you are not using anyway) or add option tag 60 to your DHCP scope

  • I am Facing the same issue with WSM for core and edge , The VPN I am using is Dial-up VPN (Egde Server dials and connect to the VPN RRAS server configured on WSM Core) , is this VPN structure fine or else I need Gateway to Gateway VPN between two networks (Core & Egde).

    Advice me a solution.

  • It sounds like you have two separate locations where you want to use WSM. In this case I would suggest using the HQ / Linked Site architecture available in WSM. This allows the remote site to function without a constant connection to the HQ location.

    The method you are attempting to use now has not been tested with WSM and has several potential issues. First, the dial-up VPN probably does not have the bandwidth necessary for this to work. The Core and Edge servers should be connected via a high bandwidth connection. Second, it is possible that WSM would not be able to communicate properly over the VPN because WSM uses the IP address of the core and edge server for communications within a site and thus when the Core server attempts to communicate with the Edge server it will send packets directly to its IP address and the VPN might not pick these up and forward them properly. Third, if you were able to get this setup, the edge server would be highly dependent on the vpn connection and if it went down, the edge server would be negatively impacted to the point you could not restart clients or boot clients that were turned off and application streaming would be unusable.

  • As you said that WSM would not be able to communicate over VPN , did you mean Specific dialup VPN or any kind of VPN including ( IPSEC site-to-site VPN). I dont seem to understand how you can connect Core & Edge server Without VPN. What kind of network structure do you use to Implement WSM Core server and Egde server placed on different location (WAN)?.

  • In a Standalone Site the Core and the Edge Server use TCP/IP for communication and expect to be in the same LAN.
    In your scenario it is suggest to use Linked Site architecture, where you have an HQ Core server at your main data center, and a Linked Site that retrieves site specific configuration settings and images via HTTP(s). This approach has the benefit that the WAN connection can be down and the Linked site is still operational, as it will have it's local Core & Edge Servers and a local database and image copies.

    The WSM Sizing and Planning Guide is a good resources on how server to server and site communication works. This doc is available in the Wyse Support Knowledge base.