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WSM Cache and profile issues

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WSM Cache and profile issues


I've been having som problems with the wirtecache on my clients.
First of, it's a 40 client distribution of Windows 7 Shared Cache, all Z00ds sharing one image.
The site is a standalone with a single 4.0.1 Server, the image is installed with the 4.0.1 client

The clients are a part of a domain, and each client have multiple users, all imported to the WSM system. The first time any user logs on to a new client they get a error-message from the WSM client stating that the cache could not be found or may be corrupted. Im guessing this is because there is no cache presnt for that client ? Is there any way to avoid this error-message?

I've also been seeing some issues regarding user profiles. A single user might be refused on one client and accepted by another, the error states that the logon service failed to load the user profile. When I delete the cache the problem is gone.
I don't know if these two issues are caused by the same disturbance, the only thing I registered in the logs was a Apache error for some remote calls. Any suggestions/ideas?

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  • The "cache" you talk about is only used for Application streaming.
    Per default, the WSM (Application Streaming) Client creates a 128MB cache file for every user logged on in C:\Program Files\Wyse\WSM\Cache directory.
    I don't know why you are getting errors, but maybe you logged in with different user accounts when the OS Image was in private mode?

    One way to recover is to put the OS Image in private mode (or patch it) and delete all the sub-directories in the cache directory and then shut down the client and do not log on as user.
    Thus new cache files will be created for every user at logon.

    If you don't use Application Streaming at all, you can also disable the start if the WSM Client via WSMClientpostconfig.exe while being in private mode.

  • Im guessing all this is due to the default profile of the clients, I will disable the client at the next patching, thanks for the information 

  • One thing I want to add is to delete all cached roaming profiles that may be present in the OS Image from the time you have created it.

  • I've created a new Default profile that gives the users a pre-configured desktop with all the tweaks, I have deleted all the "temp" and roaming data from the default profile + deleted all the local user folders, and it seems to be working well. 
    Im guessing you're a experienced administrator of WSM, do you know how the cache is handled, will the single client-cache hold the profiles for every logged-on user for a spesific device or will it be shared?

  • Everything that is written to the vdisk is redirected to the associated write cache file on the WSM server.
    Ther write cache file is per device, and there is one for every partition of the vDisk.
    For every user that is logged on to a device, the WSM Application Streaming client will create a cache file in the C:\Program Files\Wyse\WSM\Cache directory, and because this is write to the disk this will be redirected to the write cache file of the device on the server.
    This is why I said "If you don't use Application Streaming at all, you can also disable the start if the WSM Client via WSMClientpostconfig.exe while being in private mode." and thus the write cache file will not grow that much if this is important to you.

  • Ok, will do that, thanks again 

  • Just a quick question (sorry for alle these noob questions), recently I've been getting the "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." more and more often, not running any kind of roaming profile other then the Sharde Cache. 
    Is this a common problem?

  • This is not an WSM error and I haven't got any notice of an issue so I guess that this is not related to WSM at all.
    If you cannot find the root cause the easiest approach is to reinstall the reference device create a clean an pristine OS Image to test against.

  • yea, figured as much. I'll build a new image and disable the WSM client to avoid further problems. Are there any programs one should avoid installing on a WSM image, any problemchilds?