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Thin Client say that Domain is down

Thin Client say that Domain is down

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Thin Client say that Domain is down


Our IT guy left, no I am stuck with Wyse Support, and a extremely newbie at this

The booting and startup process of the Wyse unit works complete fine, it gets an IP from the Wyse Server, boot up, and streams the Windows Image to the Thin Client.

But when you want to log in, the Windows that is streamed to the Thin Client complains that the domain is either down, missing or broken, which is not true because all other Laptops on the company floor logs into the domain flawlessly.

Help Please ..... !

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  • You have to configure the WSM OS Authentication Service on each WSM Server to run with the credentials of an Domain Account Operator. This user must also be a member of the local Administrators group.
    Have a look at the WSM Sizing and Planning Guide, available on the Wyse Knowledge base. It includes more information on this and a screemshot of the settings for the service.