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Realtek HD Audio on Z00D Cloud PC

Realtek HD Audio on Z00D Cloud PC

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Realtek HD Audio on Z00D Cloud PC

I created a new image using a Z00D Cloud PC. Installed OS, drivers, apps... everything fine.
When it's time to boot the Cloud PCs using the stramed image (Wyse Z00Ds identical to the reference device) audio hardware is detected again, and installed.
We use volatile cache images, so this slows down the boot up process as Windows detects new hw at every boot, starts searching for the driver before login, and finishes about 2 minutes after.

Tried reinstalling the driver in a subsequent patch, but it is still the same.
Does anyone reported a similar problem?
Thankk alot


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  • I have never seen such behavior and only had to install the audio drivers only one time for any platforms I everd used for streaming.
    If hardware is identical, Windows carries all drivers already and will just install new devices using the local drivers but this will not require a reboot and works for Audio, USB, Video etc.
    What drivers are you using?

  • In fact all the other hardware is installed and working with no new detection... even keyboard and mouse (if connected to the same USB ports as reference device) works fine. Moreover I created dozens of images, and this is the first time I see this behavior... 
    I'm using the driver from Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Date: November 2nd, 2010, Version: downloaded from Wyse website. I seen that there is a newer release of the drivers package ( B827/B830 Drivers for Z00D of 27-Mar-2012), I'm downloading it now.
    Do you know if this package contains a newer version of the Audio driver too?

  • I prefer using the latest drivers from the vendors website: -> High Definition Audio Codecs (Software) -> 32bits Vista, Windows7, Windows8 Driver only (Executable file) Version R2.70

    Edit: Just installed Win7 SP1 Enterprise on X00M (which is identical Motherboard as in Z00D) and the sound card was working with Windows there a particular reason why you are installing a driver at all? I moved the SSD between Xm, Z and D Class and had no issues. Tried this with the Windows Driver and the Realtek HD Audio driver.

  • Well, as I'm using Wyse hardware I think it is a best practice to install the drivers provided on the supplier's website, which are usually more up-to-date than the drivers available in Windows... Anyway, I changed the reference device to my own Z00D, let Windows install the audio hardware and finalized the patch: now, streaming to all the other Z00Ds, everything is working without new hardware detection - even Windows startup sound is played before login, so it's 100% working.
    I will make another image using the old reference device and see: if it happens again there must be a hardware difference on that device :\ 
    Thanks for your support!