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WSM Architecture ?!!

  • WSM Architecture ?!!

    We have 3 sites: one is HQ and 2 for branches,

    on each one we have 2 servers for load balancing,

    and we have one server for DB on HQ only,

    We have 50 users on HQ and 50 on branches,

    We have one Image only,

    and all applications will be on the Image,

    how can we configuring WSM Architecture like Core, Edge and Linkedsite ?!!

    Because i am confused 

    Thank you

  • Have a look at the WSM Administrators Guide and read the WSM 5 Sizing and Planning Guide - all you need to know is covered in these documens 

    This might be usefull for you too: WSM 5 HowTo Documents

  • How to access WSM software and updates

    1) If you already purchased WSM and still have active maintenaince (1 year is mandatory anyway), you can download the latest version from the Dell Wyse self-service portal. Create a new user account if you don't already have a login, register your software with the regestration code you got sent at time of purchase and access the latest bits available.

    2) You are an exiting WSM customer but have no active maintenance? Contact the Dell Wyse Office in your region or aks your reseller for a "WSM Software Mainenance Renewal", available for 1, 2 or 3 years.

    3) Not yet a WSM customer but want to Evaluate Wyse WSM? Fill out the form and a Wyse Sales rep or Reseller will contact you and discuss your options to test WSM.