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D00D Drivers

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D00D Drivers

does anyone know where can I find drivers for the new Dell Wyse D00D Cloud PC?


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  • It's the same board as Z00D and X00M and hance you can use the same driver packages.

  • Hi Mhaase,
    thank you for your reply. I will install Z00D drivers.
    But, if drivers are the same, shouldn't be possible to boot up a D00D using the same image I prepared for Z00D? I tried to stream my Z00D image on a D00D, but OS streaming process hangs up ad Windows 7 logo... it seems that network adapter driver does not load correctly, causing streaming process to stop...

  • That's weird. I am able to use my 1st and 2nd Generation Z & XM-Class Images with a D-Class without doing anything special.
    Are you using an up to date NIC driver in the Z-Class Image?

  • In fact, I wasn't.
    Anyway, I put image in patch mode, booted with a reference Z00D device, updated the driver... and device doesn't reboot (stuck at "Windows 7 starting" screen"...)
    I will try to apply KB2550978 again after upgrading.

  • No luck 

  • You can't update the NIC driver in private, patch or life streamed mode permanently as this will break the network stack binding which will render the image unusable.

    There are two options to to update the NIC driver:
    a) on the local OS of the Reference Device and then capturing a new OS Image
    b) use Reverse Image Capture* option, update NIC driver on Reference Device, capture updated copy of source image

    *explained in latest edition of WSM Sizing and Planning Guide

  • Ok... in fact I was able to upgrade the network driver in patch mode, but couldn't reboot after upgrading... I'm trying reverse image capture now. Will let you know.
    Thank you