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OS Streaming Problem

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    I have a new problem   I have created an OS image on windows 32 bit and also on 64 bit using WSM Version 6 but the same,

    the problem is the OS stuck on Starting windows

    I followed this steps but nothing,

    And i updated the NIC too,

    On the WSM it get authenticated,

    but the Reference Devices working successfully and streamed.

    I have

    1 Site - 1 server
    Core Server - Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
    WSM - 5.0 and 6
    Client - Z00D
    OS - Windows 7 x32 and X64

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Is the Reference Device a new one or was it bought along with the Z00D Cloud PCs without SSD?
    Streaming to the Reference Device works, but fails when you stream to another Z-Class Unit?
    Make sure you install the drivers first, then apply any critical Windows Updates, install the MS Hotfix for Windows 7 and finally install the WSM Client and agree on installing any unsigned driver from Wyse.
    DO NOT upgrade the NIC driver in streamed mode and prevent Windows from installing recommended Updates automatically (sometimes a new NIC driver gets installed this way and renders the OS Image unusable).

  • It bought with Z00D and streaming to the RD working good,
    And i installed the drivers first then update and hotfixs and finally installed the wsm client and capture the os

    using Version 5 and 6 and on 32 and 64 bit but nothing

    Thank You for your replay

  • Dear hfnw,
    please be aware that this is a user moderated forum based on a "users-help-users" spirit and not the official support channel of Dell Wyse.

    To engage with the Dell Wyse Post Sales Tech Support Team, please open a Case in the Dell Wyse self-service portal and attach a completed WSM Troubleshooting Form.

    I regards to your specific problem there might be a litle chance you got reference devices with a incorrect programmed NIC. If the NIC of the Reference Device and the to be streamed client is different, Windows boot will stuck during the Windows boot logo.

    To find out if your Reference Devices are affected
    Boot Reference Device from SSD
    Open Device Manager
    Network adapers > Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller > Details > Hardware IDs
    Check if the correct value PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_012310EC&REV_06 is used
    Compare the PCI-ID on a Streamed Client when booting from SSD
    If the value of the Reference Device is different, i.e. PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_816810EC&REV_06, you have to send it to the Repair Center-.
    You can request a RMA in the Dell Wyse self-service portal under Create and review service RMAs. Please add this comment to the problem description: Please reprogram the SN using iEEPROG v2.4. Unit has wrong PCI-ID.

    Hope this helps!
    Tip: to move your install forward, create an OS Image from a ThinClient with SSD until the Reference Devices are repaired.

  • The PCI ID ....012310EC.... is the one being used on all Z-Class Cloud Desktops - those who have a different value need to be re-programmed in the Service Center.
    As far as I know you have already enganged with your Service Partner and they should be able to advice how to handle the situation.

  • The Part Number for the Z00D Reference Device is 909692-92L, Reference device for WSM - Dell Wyse Z00D 60GSSD/4GBR with serial and parallel.
    Z90D7 cannot be used as Reference Device for WSM.

  • Please see my advice in previous post #5