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Adding new devices to WSM 5.0.1

Adding new devices to WSM 5.0.1

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Adding new devices to WSM 5.0.1

I have a stand alone WSM 5.0.1 site with working desktops. We have just purchased laptops for this site and i am having issues getting them to grab a dhcp address and boot to the laptop image.

when I pxe boot the laptop, dhcp spins and spins, and never boots the image. The system reboots and repoeats the process. Again, my desktops are working fine, just the new laptop fails.

do i need to install 1 laptop manually as a reference device? what do i need to do so that WSM will automatically add the laptop into the DB?


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  • i added the 1st laptop manually to the DB and booted it up. Error now shows no virtual disk assigned.

  • There are three options to add new devices to WSM:
    1. Add devices manually from the WSM Admin Console
    2. Import devices from (.txt) file (requires a Device Template)
    3. Auto Discover new PXE devices using the WSM DHCH Proxy service with enabled Auto Discovery option. If there is no Device Template, you can add the device from its console when booting the 1st time the WSM bootstrap. Warning: if you enable this option permanently understand that ALL PXE-Devices will boot from WSM and this may open a security whole unless you can controll which devices are added to the LAN.

    Regarding "No Virtual Disk Assigned Error" I assume it is registered in the WSM Admin Console and assigned to the Server Group.
    1) If you have you configured the WSM System to work with non-default groups(recommended), create a new Device Group for the Laptops and assign all your Laptops to it. Finally assign the OS Image to the new Device Group.
    2) If you are using the Default Server & Device Groups, configure each device to boot from the Laptop Image.

    No, you don't need one Laptop to be in the Reference Device Group. This is only required for OS Image capture and patch operations.

  • I ended up importing them through a txt file and it worked - thank you!