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Distributing patched image fails

Distributing patched image fails

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Distributing patched image fails

Hello, here are the log - anyone got a clue?

Content Distribution Details

Most Recent Occurrence Initial Occurrence Type Message Repetitions

2013-07-12T10:49:35 2013-07-12T10:16:10 ERROR Failed to transfer content.. Step 1/2 34
2013-07-12T10:49:35 2013-07-12T10:16:10 ERROR Failed to download file. Changing content type format to unknown. 34
2013-07-12T10:49:35 2013-07-12T10:16:10 INFO Simple file transfer started 34
2013-07-12T10:49:35 2013-07-12T10:16:10 INFO Content transfer started. Step 1/2 34
2013-07-12T10:49:35 2013-07-12T10:16:10 INFO Downloading un-compressed content 34
2013-07-12T10:49:35 2013-07-12T10:16:10 INFO Content transfer started 34

The same fail occurs at ALL linked-sites.

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  • What's the WSM Version used at HQ and in Linked Sites?
    OS Image created with which version of WSM?
    Does Patch deployment work at HQ (Core to Edge Servers)?
    First attempt to patch this image or did it work before?
    OS Image compression turnded on or off?
    Have you already canceled the deployment and scheduled again?

  • Found the problem - WSMadmin log told me it didn't find two delta files, because it tried to get those directly from osimages folder while they were residing in osimages\<imagename>_delta folder ... I don't know why WSM makes the folder, and then try to fetch the files outside the folder. I copied the files from delta folder to the root osimage folder and the problem solved itself. A bug, maybe? It's latest WSM, version 5.0.1

  • The desired behavior is that a new folder with osimages\<patch name>_Delta is created and all the changes you have applied during the patch process are written to a write cache file with extension _tmpuse. WSM will then craft a new OS Image from the source image and the _tempuse write cache file. The .delta file is only a few KB in WSM 5, as we don't have private mode anymore and hence the patch distribution now works differntly and we distribute the _tempuse.

    Have you patched the OS Image before?
    Did you rollback this patch?
    Did you apply any file operations to the osimages folder like deleting old patches/deltas?

  • OSimages that were patched in WSM4 wont be patchable in WSM5, so I had to start a new hiearchy, and it was patch #2 where this problem occured