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Future of WSM?

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Future of WSM?

I only saw now that Wyse 7.2 isnow part of Dell's VWorskpace. Does anyone know what this means for the future of WSM? Will it still be a stand alone product or will it become an integrated part of Workspace. Also for future upgrades? Do we have to move over to VWorkspace or would WSM still be available?

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  • I saw WSM 7.2 were available for download, but then disappeared after a while, so now only WSM 7.1 are available. Do it mean it's only available in VWorkSpace from now on?

  • WSM is now part of the Wyse vWorkspace Premier Edition, and both products can be used stand alone or in combination. Upcoming Versions will have a tighter Integration, but if you want to only WSM in the future this path is still open.

    WSM 7.1 is the last Version posted in the legacy Wyse Portal, later Versions are only available through the dell.com web site.
    The only difference between 7.1 and 7.2 is the ability to Import vWorkspace license files into the WSM Admin console.
    For WSM, vWorkspace Premier Edition per device licensing is recommended, which is very attractive compared to the former WSM licensing.

    WSM 7.2 and vWorkspace 8.5 are available for customers with active WSM/vWorkspace Maintenance with no additional cost.
    A license swap program exists which allows to access latest product editions from the software.dell.com site; please reach out to your local CCC Team if you want to participate.



  • Hey, finally got access to WSM7.2 and vWorkspace 8.5 and installed those on a test server.

    Am having a hard time understanding how to access & use WSM from inside vWorkspace management console. Are there any good PDF guides? I couldn't seem to find relevant manual. vW admin guide don't mention WSM except under licensing section.

  • WSM is now included in the vWorkspace Premier license, but today this are two stand-alone products with seperate consoles.

    Beginning with vWorkspace 8.6, a integration of WSM specific features like Application Layering into hosted Desktop will be available and is going to be extended over the next Versions.