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Wyse Software download

  • I just received 35x Dell Wyse 7040 Thin Client that I want to update to WIE10. The download speed of the file 7040_0A27_32GB.exe on the Wyse website is very slow (100kb/s --> 24 hours download time) and unreliable. Now after many trails, hours of waiting and phone calls to Dell I am out of options.


  • You may want to call Dell Support to report this issue.

    Roger Montalvo

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  • The download section for all WYSE software is severely crippled, it took MANY attempts to successfully download any exe from those subfolders. Downloads would fly until approximately 20% complete and would then cease and break. Extremely frustrating and just wanted to let you know (as well as Dell staff reading this) that you are not alone and is not your fault whatsoever.

    The download section I'm referring to is here; downloads.dell.com/.../ 

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. The support group has been notified.

    Roger Montalvo

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  • Thank you Roger

  • Notified but deemed not worthy of being fixed it seems.  Trying to download USBFT 2.1.2 and still constantly slow or failing almost a month after being told about the problem.  Not good enough Dell.

  • The problem still exists. I can't download the files that are needed. Always breaks the download and the speed went to 0.

    Here is still a huge problem that was not fixed but known for serveral mounths now. Please try to fix this. I need those files!

  • come on guys! what the *** is wrong with you. same Problem since MONTHS!
    you can't download anything from Wyse. are you kidding your customers??

    This is supposed to be an Enterprise product. what a *** fail!

  • Dan,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I reported the problem, but please contact Tech support with this type of issue so they can address it.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: