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Supported SQL version for WDM 5.7.2

Supported SQL version for WDM 5.7.2

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I am looking to deploy a new WDM system. On the install guide, SQL 2014 Express is supported but does not list SQL 2014 full version. Is this correct? Is the maximum supported version of full SQL 2012?

Also, can the SQL instance run from a separate server, or does it have to be installed on the same server as WDM? There is a line in the install document that states it should be on the same system, but then there is an option to select the hostname of the SQL server.

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  • Peter,

    WDM has two versions. Workgroup (Free) and Enterprise. Workgroup is limited to a single server integration, meaning that all the components have to reside on the same server. Enterprise allows you a little bit more customization and the ability to use some of your installed infrastructure products, including SQL server. They both use the same code and installation program, and the difference is in the licensing.

    As for the SQL server, on Page 7 of the WDM Installation Guide lists the following SQL server as supported:

    • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 - English

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 – English

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise (32 bit)

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition for High Availability.

    You are correct that the Full SQL Server 2014 is not listed, which means that it was not officially tested.

    Hope this information helps.

    Roger Montalvo

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