Hi there,

  I work witth Wyses device for a long time since the Windows XPE devices. We recently updated our infrastructure do Wyse D90Q8 with Windows 8.1 (more than 400 devices). The problem now is that the company have another strategy and before we use Citrix PnAgent with Citrix receiver to deploy the apps to users. Now the new strategy is accessing all the virtual desktops via a published webpage with a specific address. So my Idea was locking all the OS features and just open IE in Kiosk Mode displaying right away the address in question on a webpage. I tried to use Windows Embedded Lockdown (to control the keys allowed) that is already on the Wyse device but without any sucess. I now that there's a lot of solutions from third party vendors to lock the terminals but I will prefer to use a in house solution instead of getting another software and another contract. There's any way to lock the device já to use that custom webpage, disabling all the keys conbinations (like Alt+F4) and the Windows 8 Hot corners and stuff like that?  I will apreciate any help. Thanks