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WDM 5.7.1 Cannot issue remote commands etc.

WDM 5.7.1 Cannot issue remote commands etc.

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Having two issues here:

1.) Devices that show up on the WDM server will not take any of the remote commands, ie: send message, reboot, wake up, remote shadow, etc. 

2.) All S30 Windows CE 6.0 devices all show up on the WDM. However, we have C90LE7 Wyse terminal that doesn't seem to show up. I've updated the WDA client on the device, and the client can see the WDM server. It shows up as "not registered".

WDM server has been added to DNS. The following DHCP scope options have been set:

161 - WDM FTP Server - String -

186 - WDM Rapport Web Server - String -


Service: _Pcoip-tool

Port Number: 500000

Host: wysedm.xxxxx.ads

What gets me is that our old s30 terminals were never configured for WDM use prior and was able to communicate to the WDM. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. 

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  • Update: 

    I was eventually able to get the C90LE7 WES7 communicating and registered to the WDM server. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Wyse Device Agent (

    Still cannot issue any real-time commands to any of the terminals. I am currently looking into the scope configurations. According to the guide there are quite a few ports that will need to be opened.

    I will keep everyone posted. 

  • Interestingly enough, commands take precedence after the Wyse terminal has been manually rebooted on the client side. I was able to push out a package successfully to the C90LE7 after I rebooted the terminal.

    Doesn't quite work the way I would have liked it, but at least it's something for now. Will continue to investigate why real-time commands are not working. Keep posted... 

  • I actually have the same sort of issue, 5020's that I have won't seem to take commands until after manual reboot. Typically it happens that I push, then reboot, then it starts to run the package.

  • I had a similar issue when on Firmware version 8.0_x on our Wyse. Once I upgraded to 8.1 and above, the issue seemed to clear up. This was on C10LE and D10Ds.