I am trying to pull and image from a Z90DE7 Client.  I was having issues with WDM v5.7 so I decided to upgrade to v5.7.1 but I am still getting the same issue.  When I select Get Device Image, put in Name and Description, i.e. TEST / TEST.  And then Select under Merlin Image Pulling Options - ALL or just OS (includes Non Pxe Partition if present) and select Non PXE imaging Options.  The package deploys and hits the target client and the target reboots into the Merlin Boot Agent v.3.3.9.  It then shows 

CMOS -> Not-Yet-Started

BIOS -> Not-Yet-Started

OS -> In-Progress

NON-PXE - Not-Yet-Started

Uploading Image to Server :

This jumps to 100% right away and sits there for a bit and then I get.

sh : no job control in this shell

I can push images to my clients from WDM but I am unable to pull images to WDM.  I have setup the DHCP and DNS values as well. I have also upgraded my HAgent to v12.1.1.25

Any Ideas??