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this client will be listed in the unlicensed device report

this client will be listed in the unlicensed device report

  • Hi,

    i've imaged a 5010 Client with the latest available Firmware but now the WDM 5.7 Workgroup get the error message "this client will be listed in the unlicensed device report"

    when i check the unlicensed Devices it says "you have no license for this Vendor".

    Workgroup License is activated

    Any idea how to fix his?

  • I am having the exact same issue with my 7020s.  Since I activated the workgroup license, I haven't been able to discover any devices and when I add one manually it goes straight to the unlicensed devices view.

    I am running WDM 5.7.0 Workgroup (activated)
    Clients are all Dell Wyse 7020 quad-display running WES7P

    Any fix for this?  Is the 7020 supported in workgroup edition?  It sure makes it sound like that (as long as we stay under 10,000 devices that is).

  • I also have the same issue, can someone please investigate? is it worth downgrading WDM?

  • update the HAgent on the client and make sure it points to the correct WDM Server.. this fixed it for me

  • The only time this would happen is if:

    1. You're using a WDM Workgroup license and you have exceeded 10,000 registered devices for that license.
    2. When you first installed WDM you did not change the installation selection Enterprise to Workgroup. If you installed WDM Enterprise, it is limited to 25 clients for the 30 trial license. Even if you added a Workgroup license later on, it would be superseded by the Enterprise license.


    When I was first trying out WDM, I installed without changing any of the defaults. This led to me installing the Enterprise version of WDM inadvertently. I only needed the Workgroup version. To correct I ended up having to uninstall the whole thing in order to reinstall as Workgroup version since the two versions cannot coexist. Unless that's changed this may be what happened to you.

    Hope this helps you and the other posters below with the same issue.

  • This is an older thread but wanted to post this solution as it is one of the top results on Google for this issue. We are running 5.7.2 WDM and it is a bug in the MMC console. Login to the WebUI and you will be able to add the client to the license. You can then use MMC console to manage it if need be. 

  • I have the issue, but I can't even log into the WebUI to get around the bug.

  • Worked for me!  Thanks

  • Install the latest Hotfix form WDM available at

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: