So to start with some backstory we were hit with a "ransomware" virus and had a lot of files/server affected. The server the WDM was installed on was one of them. Unbeknownst though, I was trying to update the application to 5.5.

I started the uninstall process and it screamed that the database was missing, this is when I went looking and noticed it was encrypted. I couldn't exit the installer though as it was stuck in an infinite loop of database can't be located, press ok to continue. so I forced a logoff thinking it hadn't ACTUALLY uninstalled anything yet.

I restored the WDM application and the SQLDATA folders and got the SQL server service restarted and can connect through management studio (SSMS) now using the SA and rapport logins.

My problem now is I can't uninstall still because I receive the "WDM database must be running before uninstallation starts" error. It's obviously running because I can connect to it through SSMS. but when I look at the error logs its says the "user sa failed to login". Is there a registry entry I missed when it started the uninstall that I forcibly cancelled? and am I up the creek without a paddle at this point since I'm past our backup window and can't restore the entire server to prior to my screw up?