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WDM 5.5 Cannot push image

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I am trying to push some images out to some windows embedded thin clients.  I have updated the boot agent to the latest version.  When I try to push the image the client reboot and starts, on one screen is shows "No Ethernet device found".  It never gets past the dns-host name lookup method.  This used to work when we were on an older version.  I have dhcp, dns-host, and dns service setting setup.

This server has been upgraded many times from an old version.  Should I just try and build a new server?



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  • I started to run the dns dhcp lookup tool and running wireshark to view the traffic.  The dns checks fail to find wdmserver.  It looks like its not getting the domain name, so its just looking for wdmserver instead of wdmserver.domain.com

  • Nick,

    Looks like your Ethernet card is not bound. I would start with a clean server install. Make sure everything is connected and that the server is updated and with no errors before you install WDM. Then install WDM 5.5 using default values and test it out to verify that you get no errors. Then upgrade the server to 5.5.1 only after proper operation and no errors are shown from the 5.5 installation.

    Please refer to the Installation guide for any questions.

    If after doing this, it still fails, please include the thin clients models and the firmware versions in your questions.

    Roger Montalvo

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  • Hi,

    i have the same problem on my Wyse Thin clients Environment. When i try to push an image on D90q7 and 5020 TK i receive this error.

    Instead running DNS_DHCP_Lookup from WDM server i get this result:

    I am working on WDM server 5.5. Is there anyone can help me ?

    Thanks in advance


  • Luigi,

    Looks like your DNS entry is not setup so the server is not found in your local DNS server. The WDM installation guide has all the information on how to set up the DNS_SRV record.

    Roger Montalvo

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  • This morning i have decided to install a new clean WDM server 5.7. I Have configured the correct DNS_SRV_RECORD and Record A on my DNS and the problem is always there.   And I don't know what to do anymore....Crying

  • You may want to contact Del Customer support at 1-800-800-9973 option 4 so they can help you.

    Roger Montalvo

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  • Hi,

    i have resolved the problem installing the boot agent that are included in to the software repositories WDM Server. It seems that when i downloaded the last firmware w7 image from support page it included the last boot agent 3.3.2 that wasn't compatible with WDM server.