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Unable to deploy system images via WDM

Unable to deploy system images via WDM

  • D90D7 Machines being used, we are able to Pull images from the devices however from WDM we are not able to PUSH the images. We get an error:  "failed to get filesize from repository for file-bios.im " 

    Hours of searching for reference even to file-bios.im has found nothing. 

    Thank you


  • Anyone????? Hello????? 

  • Did you alter the bios file after pulling the initial image?

    Make sure that the BootAgent on the client is at least 2.8.0 (included with WDM 4.9.1). I remember a bug that returned the same issue whenever imaging a client running 2.6.5 with an image pulled from a client running a later version.

  • It's at 3.3.2. All software versions are the latest from Dell/Wise support sites. 

    And Nothing was altered, I have no idea where the software stashes the file-bios.im file anyway.

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  • Hello,

    Did you ever find the answer and fix to this issue?



  • It was a problem with being on a different subnet from the WDM server, I had my network team fix that.