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Move from WDM 4.9 server to new WDM 5.5.1 server (different servers)

Move from WDM 4.9 server to new WDM 5.5.1 server (different servers)

  • We are trying to migrate from a WDM server running version 4.9.1 Build 241 running on Server 2003 R2 SP2 to WDM 5.5.1 running on Server 2012 R2.  I have the new WDM installed and I have matched as many of the preferences from the old server to the new but I am having the following issues.

    1) We have changed in DHCP the WDM address to the new server's IP and have changed the path to reflect the new folder name WTOSCONFIG in DHCP aswell.  But when we restart the thin clients they are still picking up the old servers IP address as the WDM server.  They are picking up the config information from the new server because in the global WNOS.ini file on the new server I have the new servers IP address set for the RapportServer= variable and I can see that IP when I look at the ini files on the thin clients. But its still pointing to the old server for the WDM under the event log and under the central configuration WDM tab.

    2) I think this is somewhat related to the above issue is that when I try to discover the devices on the new console using a subnet range nothing ever comes up.

    When I run the DNS_DHCP_Lookup tool on the new server I get the following results.

    Interesting the MAC address that comes up we do not know where it is coming from.  Its not the MAC address of either the old WDM or new WDM servers nor can we find it in the routers ARP tables.  The management server with the address is our old WDM server.  I have gone in and unchecked the DHCP proxy options on that server.  The server that ends in .153 is the new WDM server.

    If I run the WDM diagnostics report on the new server everything checks out fine.  I get green connected messages for everything.

    I am at a loss as to where the systems are still getting the old WDM server address.

  • AKlein,

    You need to verify that the following:

    1. The OLD server is must be off-line. You can only have one WDM server on the network
    2. Reset the thin clients to Factory default when rebooted to ensure that they pick up the new DHCP tags (Verify this on a single TC)
    3. What model are you thin clients
    4. what firmware version is installed on the thin clients?

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links:

  • I tried turning the old server off and restarting a thin client and it just would get to a screen where it said it was trying to contact the WDM server and hung for quite a while so it did not pickup new DHCP settings with the old system off. 

    I will try a factory reset but would like to not have to go around to every thin client and do a factory reset to get it talking to the new WDM server.

    The thin clients we have are V10L and T10.

    V10L firmware is 8.0_210

    T10 firmware is 8.0_306

  • I turned off the old server and went to a V10L system and did a factory reset and it did pickup the new WDM server properly.  Would like to know if there is a way to do this with out having to touch all our thin clients manually.

    Now I get a security cert warning because the new WDM server has a self signed cert installed.  Is there a way in the config file to tell the thin clients to ignore this cert warning or if I installed a wild card cert on the server would that correct this error.  I cant move forward with putting more thin clients on the new WDM server as every time the system restarts it posts the certificate warning.

  • I am currently performing the same side-by-side upgrade of WDM. Old server running v.4.9.1 to a new server running 5.5.1. As long as you make sure that only one server is set with the DHCP tags, you will be ok. I also recommend just copying the alias name or IP Address from the old server to the new server when you are ready to switch.

    Going from v4.9.1 to v5.5.1 requires you to either:

    1.) Alter the WDM configuration on each client to use HTTPS (Port 443).

    2.) Alter the configurations on the new WDM Server to accept HTTP (Port 80) requests. Also removing requirement for SSL.

    Good Luck !!

  • I am currently looking to stand up a new 5.5 server, and migrate my users off of the old 4.9.1 box, but am seeing some hiccups.

    In my prod world, the terminals, SUSE Linux and WTOS, are pointed manually to the FTP server. IE: or, depending on the device you're using (I did inherit this, so, bear with any mistakes you see in the setup :D). Within their INIs, wnos or wlx, both have a line of

    We are not doing DHCP Option Tags/DNS A Record/DNS SRV record to our prod box. Now, on the new server, we do have DNS A and DNS SRV records pointing to the new server. They are about to go campus wide, but are currently isolated to a few test subnets.

    So far though, on test devices on subnets I have the DNS records enabled, I'm seeing odd results. Terminals don't seem to want to check in to the new server unless I do a factory reset as was stated above in someone else's dealings. I have tried enabling Automatic Discover on both WDMs, then force deleting the terminals if they existed in old, but I don't see them come into the new box. I have remmed out the rapportserver line but, perhaps I'm missing something else/better way to migrate?

    I'd prefer not specifying a server in the INI if indeed the terminals will cache it, as I'll just run into this issue again down the road I assume.

    Thanks in advance.