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WDM 5.5 Updates and WebUI

  • We had a Dell engineer come in and set-up our WDM server and at the time he said WebUI doesn't work properly or the default URL when installed is incorrect or something. We was meant to send me the fix but I forgot to get his details and not had anything from him. So question is how do I fix WDM 5.5 WebUI so that it works? Or what is the correct URL?

    At the moment I go to: -


    But this just gives me a blue title bar saying "Dell Wyse Device Manager", a search box below and the rest of the screen is all white, no information.

    Also the Wyse Device Manager site says WebUI is in Preview, so sure that explains why it doesn't work properly, but when is there going to be an update to WDM 5.5 so that this works?



  • Anthony,

    WEBUI Works, but it's currently "Preview" only, meaning that you can see what the interface looks like, but the functionality does not work. WEBUI will be available on the next major release of WDM, which I believe is 5.6, but I cannot confirm that.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links:

  • The point of my question is that it does not work for me, no interface to see or anything. What I see is not a preview, just a title bar and a search box that does not work.

  • Hi,

    Same issue with IE. I have the login page with Chrome. Try another Web Browser.

  • In IE Under Tools-Compatibility View Settings- Uncheck the Display Intranet  sites in Compatibility View