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WDM Workgroup ThinOS

  • I'm pretty sure I already have the answer to my question but I need it confirmed. Is it possible to configure ThinOS devices from WDM Workgroup edition? I can make new configuration files and I can deploy the package but it always fails. From what I've read it's almost as if I would need to use Default Device Configuration, which isn't available in the workgroup edition.


  • That is correct. To do what you want to do requires WDM Enterprise, however, you can manage your WTOS-based thin clients using an FTP, HTTP or HTTPS server. For more details, see the WTOS Admin Guide available at www.wyse.com/kb

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links:

  • Thank you, that's what I was afraid of.

  • That is incorrect, you can certainly manage WTOS devices from WDM workgroup edition.  I can easily set up group profiles and do things like pre-configure RDP connections and associated settings, manage monitor settings, and do firmware updates.  The documentation is horrible, but once you figure it out, it can be done.