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Get device image from T50

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Get device image from T50


I have installaed a WDM server that works fine (I can update the agents version, change ip, device information, reboot, etc)

But the problem, is How can I get a full image from an existing T50 to our WDM server?

I want to use a full image from one T50 that works perfect to clone to other T50 using WDM (I know and did in another cases using usb firmware tool)

When I try to do it from the package wizard I cant see the device in the list, (I also check for example in the same package wizard to get the device configuration and in this case I see the list)

Is the T50 capable to send the existing image to the WDM Server

Also I try in the right click menu in the devices list "Get device image" but the image always still as inactive

Any suggestion?


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