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WDM Failed During Install

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WDM Failed During Install

Dear Abby,

WDM was installing on a server08R2. An automated process began during the install. WDM went Diva, decided it could not work under those conditions, and stomped out. The error message was a generic message about installation not being complete... the same you could expect if you had hit cancel during the installation.

However, now the installer is insulted that I would ask it to run a second time, giving me some attitude about not not doing upgrades. However, it also does not appear in the installed programs listing, and cannot be uninstalled.

I argued my case, deleted the WDM folder, and removed the registry entries about WDM, but to no avail. The server is pretty firmly stuck in "pout" mode.

Are there any flowers or chocolates I can bring home to sweet talk my way back into its good graces, or is this one damaged goods? As it is running on VMWare virtual hardware, kicking it to the curb and bringing in its replacement is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. However, I would prefer to try to salvage this relationship if possible.

Thanks in advance,
Getting Lonely in Atlanta

In all seriousness,

Windows Server 2008R2
VMWare virtual server
VMWare tools upgraded started during WDM installation.
WDM 4.8 failed, saying that it did not finish installing, prior to SQL installation.
Does not appear in Installed programs list.
Deleted WDM install folder, reg entries...
WDM installer says that this version does not support upgrades.

Anyone got any ideas?

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  • My issue ended up being a password for the repository didn't meet the complexity requirements.

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  • just replying to your post and hope you get an update via email ..... did you ever get a fix for this?
    i'm stuck in the same way... can't uninstall or install.
    have windows 2008 r2 and wdm 4.8.5

  • I deleted the server and rebuilt from scratch.

  • Admittedly dragging this one up from the grave, but I've got similar problems - it seems this *** thing is a one-shot-wonder - get anything wrong at setup and your only option is to reinstall the server, which is great unless like me your testbed is a semi-live system!

    Would be nice if Wyse told us that before starting the install, now whenever I try to reinstall I get 'uninstall' as my only option, which can't be run because the WDM Database cannot be started.
    I then blitzed the machine, getting rid of all program files and registry files I could find, but same issue.

    Any suggestions?

  • My issue ended up being a password for the repository didn't meet the complexity requirements.