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WDM PXE image push HowTo install?

WDM PXE image push HowTo install?

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WDM PXE image push HowTo install?

Hi Wyseguys,

For my working company, i am thinking about a solutions for pushing D70 WES7 images to clients without USB interaction.

Now have i made a base image, and installed a WDM 5.0 server with the prerequisites. But i can't find a manual on the internet to install or configure the WDM to support PXE boot to provide images over the network.

Is there a whitepaper, or (un)official manual thats discrives step by step what to do?

Thank you!

Kind regards

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  • Please review the WDM Admin Guide available at www.wyse.com/manuals and search for KB 24769 for the documentation. WDM does not use PXE anymore, instead it uses Merlin as explained in the documentation.


    Roger Montalvo 
    Visit our Dell Wyse Thin Client Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at www.wyse.com/KB
    Visit our Dell Wyse PocketCloud Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at http://pocketcloudsupport.wyse.com/forums

  • Hi,

    Is Merlin only available for WDM for Enterprise?  I am not using WDM Enterprise Edition.  Is there a way to deploy image via WDM instead of USB?



  • Roger,

    I have the same question that Douglas asked on 26 Jun 2015. We currently have WDM Workgroup edition installed. I'm confused as to whether or not we need to purchase Enterprise Edition in order to fully manage our thin clients remotely. I think we could live with deploying the initial image via USB if necessary. However, if there are setting changes, or perhaps a new image, we'd like to be able to deploy them through the network. Is this possible with Workgroup edition?

    What features and functions would we gain by going to Enterprise Edition?

  • Wyse WDM Feature List 5.0-5.7.pdf


    The attached file should help with this question.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: