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"User Does Not Belong To A Group........

"User Does Not Belong To A Group........

  • "User Does Not Belong To A Group........

    ....... with Device Manager Rights. Ensure User Has Rights To List Active Directory Groups."

    Can anyone shed light on this error when I try to go into Wyse Device Manager?

    Please HELP ASAP.....

    Thank all

  • Of course we must ensure that user for rights of active directory groups .

  • We must know, how to use device manager, It can be easily used

  • Hello. I am logged into the domain controller as a domain admin however I am still receiving this error. I have verified I can create/modify all domain accounts and open/modify the device manager. Any suggestions?

  • Does this make you feel good Grey99? 

    Don't be a Jack@$$. If you can't help don't post anything!

    What he should have provided was a solution such as:

    1) Open the Device manager ->Configuration manager->User Permissions.

    2) Add the user or group or the user you need to add . 

    3) Once added edit the group/user and provide the user permissions.

    See page 170 in the Admin guide. 


  • and this is useless if the past admin left and you dont have access to WDM anymore. 

    Any ideas how to add a new user when you can't open the software?

    Shame it doesn't use local PC groups!