Webcast on Windows 7 deployment lessons learned by Dell IT engineers, Chris Minaugh and Warren Byle.

View Part 1 - Watch Dell CIO Robin Johnson discussing Dell's Windows 7 deployment, followed by Chris and Warren outlining the Dell enterprise footprint, Windows 7 migration timeline, and tools used.

View Part 2 - Chris and Warren discuss the planning and design of the Windows 7 migration as well as the business criteria that drove it.

View Part 3 - Chris and Warren discuss some of the features in Windows 7 leveraged by Dell as well as how to handle application compatibility in your project.

View Part 4 - Chris and Warren discuss readiness criteria and some final thoughts to cosider in your Windows 7 migration project.

View Part 5 - Dell Global Solutions Architect, Philip Dakas, gives an overview of the services that Dell provides to assist with your Windows 7 migration.