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Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center

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Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center

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The Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center replaces the Dell Client Integration Pack (DCIP)  for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and is a part of the Dell Client Command Suite

All Current Branch versions of Configuration Manager are supported.  Any issues with a specific release of ConfigMgr will be noted here.

Note:  If you have your SCCM DB on a separate server, and want to use our vPro provisioning feature, you will need to make a registry tweak as the below registry entry is incorrectly listing your SCCM server as the DB server


"ServerName"="your SCCM Server”

Features include:

Download the Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center 5.0 (released November 2017)

Documentation links (Installation Guide, User Guide, Warranty User Guide)

New Features in 5.0

-Ability to perform remote provisioning with Dell Command | Intel vPro Out of Band console
-Warranty utility that integrates with SCCM is fixed

- Limit on driver packs that can be imported in the wizard has been removed
- bug fixes

New Features in 4.2

Enhancements to Catalog and Driver Cabs for download and processing
Enhancements to OS and Database permissions

New features in 4.1:

• Support for System Center 2012 R2
• Updated GUIs
• Support for Windows 10 WinPE
• Support for Dell Command | Intel(c) vPro(tm) Out of Band 2.1.0
• Updated Dell Command | WinPE Driver Library Import
• Updated Dell Command | System Driver Library Import
• Support for Dell Command | Deploy Catalog (for WinPE Driver Libraries
and System Driver Libraries)

  • The Dell Warranty User's Guide appears to be incorrect or maybe something is missing. It says it can do .xml, .csv, or .db but it doesn't explain how. and running dellwarranty-cli.exe setup_config it doesn't prompt for the format to be written.  Please review and correct this issue.  Also, please check for things like spelling on this page.

  • The documentation is horrible.  It's half updated from the previous version.  For instance, it says:

    Using the configuration settings saved to the registry, enter the following command: Dell.WarrantyInfo.exe get_info internal_sccm.

    but, the new Integration Suite warranty tool is DellWarranty-CLI.exe

    It says:

    There are three report templates stored in the same location where you have installed the Dell Warranty. ActiveSystem.rdl, AllSystems.rdl, and SystemsWithWarranty.rdl. These reports have the following placeholders for the database connection string:<!--PROVIDER-->, <!--CONNECTION_STRING-->, and <!--INTEGRATED_SECURITY-->.

    but, the reports were not even included with the new Integration Suite warranty tool, fortunately I already had them from the previous version.

    Also, saving DellWarranty-CLI.exe config to the registry doesn't work at all, and the key isn't even in the place the documentation says it is.

    It's like I'm the only person on the planet using this tool?  How did nobody else notice this?

  • I agree with ghwright3, horrible release if nothing of value is released for whitepaper instructions. I have been working with Dell tech support for 2 weeks, nice that they respond but I dont think they have any more knowledge of this new version then I do. Please update your instructions to include what ghwright3 is asking. The locations and usage instructions are worthless at this point.


    Is this dell's fault? I had some issues getting the plug in to run on a 64 bit system center 2012 R2 CU3 due to the registry keys not being fault. When I copied them to the Wow64Node key in the registry I got them working, then this new bug showed up.

    The Dell Wizard to make the PE 5.0 boot images only ran once, now it hangs. Willing to debug this further with a dell service technician.

  • +1 on ghwright3 comment. I confirm what he is saying is true. I gave up on Dell Warranty cli - I had the same / then similar issues. I created the configuration file with the correct settings and it didn't produce any output as unable to contact dell warranty server. It did detect the number of dell systems on our network though before that stage, but as yet I haven't been able to extract all the service tags from System Centre, like I was able to extract them from

  • If you use the .cfg file option and pull the reports out of the previous version it works fine.

    Here's my .cfg:


    # Dell Warranty Configuration Information





    So, install, run the config, put a scheduled task in to run it like:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.bat"


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.exe" get_info internal_sccm_db

    config_file="C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.cfg" > "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.txt"

    EXIT /B 0

    (I also piped it to a text file so I can see it's actually working.)

  • Hmm, it mangled my comment on the batch file...It should be two lines:

    1: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.exe" get_info internal_sccm_db config_file="C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.cfg" > "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\CommandIntegrationSuite\DellWarranty-CLI.txt"

    2: EXIT /B 0

  • +ghwright3

    Thanks for sharing your progress, I did the same as you as far as invoking Dell Warranty CLI (config file), but right now it's all been removed from my SCCM install whilst I troubleshoot other issues relating to SCCM client plugins and it's image functionality being broken. I SCCM MVP has given me some leads I'll investigate shortly.

    You did well, I had the same configuration too. Did you get the actual feadback from the dell warranty web-service into your text file? There were connectivity problems to their server when I tried it. I'd be just happy to get the service tags and upload them into their website but it doesn't even get that far apart from counting how many Genuine dell devices with asset tags it can see in the SCCM database.

  • <p><p>Yes, it's been working reliably for a year for me, I run it at 8AM EST daily.  The new version just has a bug with the registry config, as far as I can tell.</p></p>

  • <p><p>Yes, it's been working reliably for a year for me, I run it at 8AM EST daily.  The new version just has a bug with the registry config, as far as I can tell.</p></p>

  • Instructions on how to leverage the previous Warranty tool (with SCCM data table) with the new Integration Suite is posted above.  

  • The only thing that seems to happen for me is the warranty info is saved into an XML file "WarrantyInformation_xx_xx.xml) according to this site: ""; the info should be put into atable called: DellWarrantyInformation so I can create and generate reports.

    I've tried all I can think of.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

    Running SCCM 2012 R2 on Win Server 2012 R2

  • SiM530,

    I was under the mistaken impression that the new Warranty_CLI tool also had a db output like the previous tool.  It was the default output for the previous tool.  Unfortunately, I was looking at stale db data from the previous tool.  Now that they have fixed the documentation, I see that the db option has been dropped and you will have to use the previous tool for db output as directed by Warren Byle above.  I just flushed my DellWarrantyInformation table and the previous version is working fine.

  • Script to import into ConfigMgr DB.

  • When might we expect support for the Windows 10 ADK?