Dell Command | Configure enables the IT Admin to create profiles and packages of hardware settings for Dell Enterprise client systems.

This product consists of a Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) to configure various BIOS features. You can use Dell Command | Configure on Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.


The latest version is 3.1 (Released July 2015).

Enhancements included in the new version


  • Support for Windows 10 operating system
  • Support for Windows PE 10.0.
  • Support for new platforms.
  • Ability to provide feedback on Dell Command | Configure from the GUI.
  • Support for an enhanced GUI for providing system, setup, and hard disk drive passwords while exporting the .exe file.
  • Support for configuring hard disk drive password using the GUI.
  • Support for the following languages in Dell Command | Configure GUI and Installer:
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish (International)
    • Japanese
    • Chinese - Hong Kong
    • Simplified Chinese - China
    • Traditional Chinese - Taiwan
    • Dutch – Netherlands
  • Support for the following new tokens:
    • Extend Post Time (--extendposttime)
    • External WLAN Activity LED (--extwlanled)
    • Intel Ready Mode Technology (--irmt)
    • Keyboard Backlight Color (keyboardbacklightcolor)
    • Enable Color (--enablecolor)
    • Active Color (--activecolor)
    • Custom Color1 (--customcolor1)
    • Custom Color2 (--customcolor2)
    • Primary Video Device Slot (--primaryvideodeviceslot)
    • Rugged Dock Non-Video Devices (--rdocknonvideodevices)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet Bluetooth (--bluetoothstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet Fans (--fanstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet GPS (--gpsstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet LCD (--lcdstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet LEDs (--ledstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet Speakers (--speakersstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet WLAN (--wlanstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode Quiet WWAN (--wwanstealthmode)
    • Stealth Mode WiGig Radio (--wigigradiostealthmode)
    • USB Port 20 (--usbport20)
    • USB Port 21 (--usbport21)
    • USB Port 22 (--usbport22)
    • USB Port 23 (--usbport23)
    • Wireless Switch WLAN-WIGIG Control (--wswitchwlanwigigctrl)
    • Wireless Switch GPS On WWAN Radio (--wswitchgpsonwwanradio)

Video - Activating the TPM with Command | Configure