ImageAssist is a tool developed by Dell Configuration Services for capturing your Windows installation (incl. apps and settings).  The captured OS image (WIM) will be in a format that can be uploaded to Dell and then it will be pre-installed in the Dell factory on any of your new ordered business corporate client systems.  Drivers will be added when the system is built and shipped.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN:  Retail & Server OS's are not supported.

VLA Customers:  Build your image using your Volume License Agreement (VLA) / Windows Enterprise media.  For a full list of supported operating systems, refer to the documentation.

OEM Customers:  If you are building an image from a system you received that has the operating system installed from the Dell factory, you must format your hard drive and re-install using the OEM restore media provided by Dell. If you require a copy of the Windows OEM installation media, please call Dell technical support at 1.800.BUY.DELL and request Dell OEM Windows OS re-installation media.  Please note, if using Dell OEM Windows Media for your factory image, the sales order must match exactly the OS version of the image submitted.  If the two don’t match, the OS will not activate.

DOWNLOAD  v8.3.0.7 (released November 07, 2017) Release Notes

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