Choose from a variety of flexible deployment options to create a VDI solution that integrates datacenter and endpoint systems with virtualization software and management, to deliver secure and predictable virtual desktops or server-based sessions. Users can access rich media and graphic applications from any location and on virtually any device, while providing IT departments with the ability to centrally host and manage sensitive user data and resources.


Because Dell EMC recognizes that not all organizations have the same VDI needs or expertise, nor the same size, you have the choice between different VDI infrastructure solutions:


Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions

Deploy an easy, flexible, fully validated and supported hyper-converged virtual infrastructure (HCI) powered by VMware ESXi, vSAN and Horizon on turn-key Dell EMC VxRail or validated Dell EMC vSAN ReadyNode solutions for VDI. Dell’s Flexible Consumption Model, provided by Dell Financial Services, makes it easier than ever to get started. These solutions provide our customers with a single company, end-to-end support model.


Hyper-Converged Cloud client-computing Appliances  

Dell recommends hyper-converged infrastructures optimized for VDI which are easy to deploy and have predictable scaling and management costs. The Dell XC is powered by Nutanix and offers a choice of hypervisor (ESXi, Hyper-V, AHV) and broker software (Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon). Our newest offering, the Dell EMC VxRail appliance is powered exclusively by VMware vSAN, ESXi and Horizon, bringing the first Dell Technologies appliance designed specifically for VDI. Access the reference architectures:

·        Dell EMC XC Series 13th Generation Appliance for Citrix XenDesktop (with Nutanix)   [direct PDF]

·        Dell EMC XC Series 14th Generation Appliance for Citrix XenDesktop (with Nutanix)   [direct PDF]

·        Dell EMC XC Series Appliance for VMware Horizon (with Nutanix)   [direct PDF]

·        Dell EMC VxRail with Citrix XenDesktop   [direct PDF]

·        Dell EMC VxRail with VMware Horizon   [direct PDF]


Cloud client-computing Ready Nodes  

Build your solution with proven Dell EMC vSAN ReadyNodes for maximum hardware choice. These hyper-converged nodes, certified on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, deliver a validated solution tailored to your desktop and application virtualization workload and one-stop Dell EMC Pro Support. Access the reference architectures:

·        Dell VMware vSAN Ready Node for Horizon on 13th Generation Servers   [direct PDF]  

·        Dell VMware vSAN Ready Node for Horizon on 14th Generation Servers   [direct PDF]  

·        Dell VMware vSAN Ready Node for Citrix XenDesktop on 13th Generation Servers    [direct PDF]

·        Dell VMware vSAN Ready Node for Citrix XenDesktop on 14th Generation Servers   [direct PDF]

·        Dell EMC S2D Ready Nodes for Microsoft RDS   [direct PDF]

·        Dell EMC S2D Ready Nodes for Citrix XenDesktop   [direct PDF]


Reference Architectures for Cloud Client-Computing Engineering Datacenter

Access all Dell Cloud client-computing end-to-end reference architectures for appliances and Wyse Datacenter infrastructure stacks for Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Wyse Datacenter solutions are optimized for your preferred IT environment, and designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure/SAN. They provide the maximum flexibility to build your own VDI infrastructure on tested and certified Dell EMC servers, including the use of high-end graphics GPUs and Unified Communication.


Archived Solutions

Access technical documentation related to previously available Dell Cloud Client-Computing datacenter platforms.


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High-level marketing information about overall cloud client-computing solutions, thin clients and infrastructure.