The Whitepapers below provide specific details on how to deploy, manage, secure, or virtualize Dell Enterprise Clients in a given scenario.


Configuring Remote Wake-Up using Dell Client Command Suite

Configuring Dell Business Client Systems using Dell Command | Configure

Securing Dell Commercial Client Systems with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) using Dell
Client Command Suite

Desired State Configuration for Dell Command | PowerShell Provider

Python scripting for Dell Command Monitor to Manage Windows & Linux Platforms


How to setup the Dell Client PowerShell Provider - Garg, Vibha, C, Karthik


Extending Biz-Client Instrumentation using DELL OpenManage™ Client Instrumentation Tool v8.x - Sharmad Naik, Prasanna J, Keerthan Kumar 

Deploying the Latitude 10 with Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 - Chris Minaugh

Dell Client BIOS: Signed Firmware Update - Rick Martinez

Introduction to UEFI and Dell Business Client Platforms - Anand Joshi, Kurt Gillespie

Deploying Dell Updates with ConfigMgr 2012 using the Dell Business Client Catalog - Sahid Shaik, Palani Raja, Raghunandan Bapuram, Hema A, Ravindra Raju B


Deploying an Operating System Image on Dell Business Client Systems using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 - Vivek Agarwal, Girish Prakash

Intro to the Dell Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) - Muneer K, Md Sahid Shaik, Harsha Yalagach

Enabling the TPM with ConfigMgr (SCCM) and CCTK - Md Sahid Shaik, Palani Raja, Muneer K

Managing Dell Business Client Systems Out of Band using Intel AMT vPro - Sandeep Karandikar

OMCI Health Monitoring and Indication - Rui An

Managing Dell Client Systems using SNMP with Dell OMCI - Rui An, Sahid Md Shaik, Sharmad Naik, Prasanna J

Deploying an Operating Systems Image on Dell Business Client Systems Using Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager - Hari Venkatachalam, Sandeep Karandikar


Dell Repository Manager Integration with Dell Client System Update (DCSU) and Dell Client Manager (DCM) - Arunkumar Nagarajan, Sindhu Murthy

Building Multi-platform images for Operating System Deployment onto Dell Enterprise Client Systems - Sandeep Karandikar, Harsha Yalagach

Enabling and Activating the TPM on Dell Enterprise Clients with a CCTK Self-Contained Executable (SCE) - Vibha Garg, Sharmad Naik, Sahid Md Shaik

OS Deployment on Dell Enterprise Client systems using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 - Sandeep Karandikar and Vivek Agarwal


OS Deployment on Dell Enterprise Client systems using Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 - Warren Byle, Sandeep Karandikar

Best Practices for Remote TPM Enablement for Dell Business Client Systems - Nathan Martell, Chris Minaugh, Amy C Nelson, and Greg Ramsey

Simplifying E-Series Updates using Dell Client Systems Update - Greg Baluch and Sandeep Karandikar


Deploying Operating System Images on Dell Business Client Systems using Microsoft® Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008 - Sandeep Karandikar

Deploying Operating System Images on Latitude™ E-Series Systems using Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 - Sandeep Karandikar


Integrating Dell OMCI with ConfigMgr - Benjamin Lai and Nathan Martell

Dell OMCI, General Integration - Nathan Martell