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Dell™ desktop virtualization changes the game. Instead of juggling workforce flexibility with data security, IT administrators can manage each user's digital identity from a secure, central data center. This enables anytime, anyplace access to productivity resources without exposing those resources to outside threats. And IDC estimates that virtual desktops cost 67 percent less to maintain than traditional desktops.¹
But all desktop virtualization solutions are not created equal. Dell brings a unique combination of expertise, analysis, resource and experience to the table.

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Using Citrix Receiver on your Dell Streak 5 to access to your corporate applications
Posted by Lee Burnette - @Lee4Dell

Have you ever been at lunch, had a meeting at 1pm but you forgot the room name? Wouldn't it be easy if you could use your Dell Streak, login to your corporate Outlook, check your calendar and find out where you need to go in seconds? Using a Citrix Receiver on your Streak to login to your corporate applications like Outlook, Word or any other application you use on your work pc is now easy to do and quick to setup. Check out how on the new Citrix Receiver Installation page.